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Good Afternoon Ladies! (And gentlemen, if we happen to have any in here)

A few points have been brought to my attention, and I feel like I should clear some things up and make a few new rules. So, here goes:

o1. Do not delete an entry to have made, or text within an entry. The entry was made for a reason, right? To let other members know of a transaction you had, a question you may have, etc. Please, just leave the entry alone, or contact me via personal message about what you want to do with it. I take the time to accept/reject submissions due to what is written first. Then for it to be altered or deleted, is just a waste of my time. If I notice an entry being altered or deleted, or if a member brings it to my attention, the poster will be banned.

o2. A seller/buyer/trader is posting for advice or awareness. There is no need to be rude. Yes, state your case and why you agree/disagree, have a friendly debate about it, whatever have you. But, being mean and rude is not tolerated. This is a drama-free community solely based on raising awareness and asking questions about people you may want to have a transaction with. I am the 'peace-maker' here, and if I feel like people are getting out of order with their commenting, I will disable the comments on the entry for awhile. We are all adults and can be mature! I do understand that some sellers are friends with others, and you want to stick up for your friend, I get that. But, please, just try to keep things civil.

o3. If I find that any of these posts are being 'leaked' out into other communities, I will ban you indefinetly. I pretty much approve every member who requests to join, even if they've been reported. Once you've been declared as a scammer on multiple accounts, is when I draw the line and will not approve. This is members only for a reason.

Let me just say that this entry is not directed towards anyone in particular. I do realize that it is stemmed from LeAnn's post, and everything that was said/done in that situation. But, this is for everyone.

If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions feel free to leave them here and I will answer them promptly.
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