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i_was_scammed's Journal

Helping honest sellers be aware of dishonest ones
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Reporting scammers and deadbeats

This journal was created to aware honest sellers about the dishonest deadbeats and scammers that still linger around livejournal. By no means is this community here to bash or compete with reportthem. Actually, I suggest that you join that community, if you haven't already. This community was also established, so there will be double the warning about the scammers and deadbeats that are lingering around.

Please feel free to contact the mod, love__me_baby through a personal message on livejournal. Your concern will be answered promptly


Just like any other community, this one will have a few rules that every member must follow.
Go HERE and comment that you have read the rules and plan to stick to them. You will not be approved, unless you have done so.

♥ Moderated submission. You must have excellent feedback inorder to join. We will go through your feedback page and base our decisions off of that.
♥ This community is strictly made for the sole purpose of warning others about scammers or deadbeats. We are not here to bash any other community, nor are we here to advertise our personal selling journals.
♥ No deleting or alterations of entries are permitted, unless you receive the "ok" from the MOD. If you have deleted or altered your entry, and we find out, you will be banned.
♥ NO DRAMA. If someone makes a post, and you disagree and want to put your two-cents in, go for it! But, we are al adults and can take care of matters in a mature manner. Comments will be disabled, and members will receive warnings if we have to continuously warn you.
♥ We will accept/reject posts on a daily basis. Please do not worry that it will take days/weeks/months for your post to be accepted.
♥ DO NOT post any sellers full address, email, or full name. You must * out personal information. This is due to privacy related issues.
♥ This community is member's only for a reason. If we find out that any information has been 'leaked' out to other communities/members, the person who has done so will be banned. This has happened before, and can happen again.


Reported Users


If you would like to become and affiliate with i_was_scammed please contact the moderator, love__me_baby